Why Lessen?

Real estate property investors are experts in acquiring rental properties. Service providers are experts in applying their craft when servicing those rental properties. Yet neither operate in a way that enables them to work together effectively.

This inefficiency results in poor rental consumer experiences, longer turn times, and wasted time and effort by both real estate property owners and service providers.

It also results in billions of dollars in wasted costs. Every year. We can do better. That’s why we’ve created the Lessen Rental Property Technology Platform.

Two-Sided Services Marketplace

Lessen is building a technology platform to enable a two-sided marketplace that solves a clear set of customer and service professional needs. On one side of the marketplace, our software handles the logistics and workflow to connect service professionals to high-quality, well-specified projects with next-day payments. On the other side of the marketplace, our customers get access to timely, integrated property services including renovations, maintenance, and cleaning from the best professionals in the industry.

Reimagining Rental Property Services

Lessen’s vision isn’t simply creating a new piece of tech. It’s reducing the operational, financial and emotional impact of owning and servicing investment rental properties.  Lessen is fundamentally changing how real estate services are initialized, managed, and delivered at scale.

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